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In our third article, we talk about a very special project for us. This project – now converted into a home – reveals our purest ceramic in all its glory. Hugo Mompó and Juan Grau have created incalculable architectural value with their House in Bétera, a project stemming from the need to understand the place and reinterpret the way of living in a Mediterranean house.

To understand this project even better, we wanted to talk to Hugo Mompó – one of its creators. “This project seeks to demonstrate a strong intention to belong to the place, to remain over time. As if it has always been built there. So much so that the construction materials and solutions that were used are those that have always existed. Crossed ventilation, shaded spaces, light and shade…”, says the architect.


Craftwork is an essential value in this project, the value of building a home piece by piece, something that is inherent to Maora Ceramic. Hugo Mompó says “we wanted to use traditional ceramic and achieve the beauty of timeless design, imperfect. The respect for popular tradition, filtered and reinterpreted through contemporary sensitivity”. Hence, his firm’s commitment to ceramic that is created piece by piece by the hands of our craftsmen.


According to Hugo Mampó, “working with Maora Ceramic let us build nothing more and nothing less than what the House in Bétera actually is. Its dimension, its colour, its shape. The traditional skill with which their pieces are made and the team behind everything have made this noble and simple home possible, made by hand and essential, where everything is ceramic”.

To talk of the House in Bétera is to talk of innovation and timelessness, a project that was recently selected as a finalist for the XV BEAU and the FAD Awards 2020. A home that rescues the most Mediterranean past and not only speaks of architecture.

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